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May 13th, 2008

01:26 pm

So, the fanficrants homeschooling wank hit Fandom_Wank, as it was bound to do--although I looked for it first in OTF_Wank, because it has little to do with fandom per se.

What's got me sporfling?

This comment: Agilebrit just being, like, "Oh, hey, yeah, I'm a fundie," made me go D:.

Is it some sort of secret that I'm a fundie? Did the fact that my first fanfic ever was Christian!Spike, and that I've written four stories in that 'verse (one of which was the longest I've ever written) not clue them in? Am I just not internets-famous enough? Was ginmar's calling me a "stupid Xtian housewife" in the oh-so-famous wank not a big enough clue? Do I need to scream it from the housetops in all caps on my profile page?

Is it just because I don't talk about it all that often? Because, seriously, I don't generally feel the need to.