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May 14th, 2008

04:48 pm
I can has comicses!

OMG, y'all. I was in Moab last week and missed out on three comics, and then two more came out this week.

I am holding in my formerly nicotine-stained fingers:

Angel: After the Fall #7
Buffy: Wolves at the Gate #14
Doctor Who #4
Everybody's Dead #3
Serenity #3

At this point in time, I haven't read any of the other Who comics and I'm debating if I want to wait until I have all six issues so I can marathon them. Everybody's Dead and Serenity are complete, and I can't wait to crack them open. Angel and Buffy, I'm reading as I get them, although Buffy is still kinda blah for me. However, it's vastly improved with the advent of Dracula, and the Faith arc is now available in a trade for $15 or so, well worth picking up if you haven't.

I will have reaction post(s) later, once I've read the ones I'm going to read.

I'm turning into a big ol' nerd, ain't I? Yeah, I realize I already was one...