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May 20th, 2008

11:45 am
Oh, good lord.

When last we left the Planet of Unprofessional Authors, a writer compared himself to Poe.

Now we have one comparing himself to Van Gogh and Picasso. Yes, we're painting pictures with words, but less can be more, dude, and I think you're stretching the metaphor.

I do not understand writers that act like this. At least when I get a rejection from Clarkesworld, I know that the editor actually read the sub, and usually all the way through to the end. And how do I know this? Because Nick doesn't send cookie-cutter form rejections. He tells you why he rejected the piece. Don't authors know how rare and golden that is?

And if you disagree with the crit, shrug and move on. Especially if you've already sold the piece elsewhere, dumbass. Jeepers.