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May 21st, 2008

05:36 pm
Da Boy is in Texas...

And I'm back in Utah.

I wibbled a teensy bit. He's very excited. Of course, tonight, when he has to go to bed without benefit of the DingDog or his brown dog pillow or kissing Mommy night-night, this may change.

I hope he has fun. I hope he's good. I hope he wants to come back home.

Many many many thanks to my wonderful sister, who is taking care of him this week so I can go to a Con all three days and the Hubby can go to his race (if he wants to go and just watch, since the car isn't ready).

06:16 pm
In other news...

I got 1100 words scribbled on the plane on my way back. I moved my plot forward, threw up a couple more subtle clues, and did some world-building. So now it's sitting at a little over 4500 words total. And it's nearly done.