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May 28th, 2008

11:01 am
Day. From. Hell.

So, I was to pick up Da Boy in Texas yesterday. His aunt (my sister) needed to go to work today, so I was going to fly out to DFW, meet them at the airport, and fly back. Good times. Or...not.Collapse )

So, the timeline looks something like this:
6:00am -- get up, shower, dress, break garage door.
7:00am -- arrive at SLC International Airport.
8:30am -- plane takes off; we're supposed to land in DFW at noon, Texas time.
12:30pm -- plane lands in Wichita Falls.
3:00pm -- we take off from Wichita Falls.
4:00pm -- we land at DFW. I get in that long-ass ticket counter line.
6:15pm -- I make it up to the counter.
9:00pm -- The flight to SLC takes off.
11:00pm -- We land in SLC.

The times are all local, I think. I really should have been writing this stuff down...but I also didn't have a frelling pen.


10:34 pm
HAH. And again, I say, HAH.

I got together this evening with the handsome and talented Patrick Tracy to talk writing and give him back the story he gave me to crit last week. We discussed writing, fanfic, television, and more writing, and he gave me back the A&tS fic.

And now I know what's wrong with it.

I've run this thing past so many people. I was starting to wonder if, like my protagonist, I was crazy, and there really wasn't anything major the matter with it. In fact, I was a little hesitant to run it by him, because of the whole "too many cooks spoil the broth" thing.

That may be. But that one extra cook might just give you the ingredient that is absolutely essential to your recipe.

So, before I beat this metaphor into the ground, I'll just reiterate: Now I know what's wrong with it, and Patrick was the one who pointed it out.

My protagonist doesn't protag. Stuff happens to him, but he doesn't actually do anything. Now, as I pointed out when discussing it with Pat, this could be his "fatal flaw." But he's a security guard, dammit, and he should be just a little proactive here.

Of course...he'll fail. Because that's how the story goes. He's Cassandra, no one believes him, and he starts doubting himself. Then we get annihilated by big ol' treacherous squids.

But now I can fix it.