June 3rd, 2008

wolf eyes

Erm. I guess we're staying inside today.

A few months ago, the neighbor's yellow lab jumped the fence into our yard, and Da Boy thought we had a cougar back there. I was all "We don't have cougars, don't worry about it."


There's a mountain lion running around the neighborhood about three miles from my house. Seriously, I was just over in that area yesterday, at the library. Probably a young cat, but still could do damage to the dog or Da Boy. We've got the radio on, so we'll hear if they catch it. I hope they don't kill it.

ETA: They caught it and tranq'd it around 11am.

Rumors are that Hillary is talking about conceding the race. Nooooooo! I haven't been this entertained by politics in years. Hang in there, Hils! *cough* Not that I'm watching Operation Chaos with any sort of actual glee or anything.
wolf eyes


So, I watched the news tonight to see what they'd say about the cougar I posted about this morning.

They have video of the capture.

Pretty neat. I'm glad they didn't kill it.

Yesterday, some poor guy on a motorcycle got pasted by a deer and died, on his way to work.

We had a couple of mallards under the tree in the front yard on Saturday. Muskrats live a block away in the canal. Gophers on the other side of our wall. I've smelled skunks in the neighborhood, and I've seen two garter snakes in my yard.

I love living in such a bustling metropolis...
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