June 4th, 2008



Da Boy biffed it pretty hard on his bike last night. This was his first bad wreck, and he was pretty upset. Apparently one of the pedals just came right off and caused him to lose control.

But he wasn't upset about being hurt. Not much, anyway.

He was upset because he thought he was going to need a new bike, because this one was "broken."

He was very relieved when the Hubby fixed it for him this morning.

He's scraped up a little, but no broken bones and no concussion. Yay for helmets.

The weather sucks today, so rather than taking the day off from school the way we thought about, we're going to go ahead and have school and take a day off when it's actually, you know...nice outside. The high today is supposed to be in the 50's. WTF, Mother Nature? IT'S JUNE.
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*girds loins*


I will do something with the A&tS story. Right now.

I will I will I will. I have a half hour of peace and quiet. *changes YIM status to "sucking LESS"*
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Hail, the conquering hero!


I have beaten the A&tS fic into submission.

My protagonist has protagged.

He's failed miserably, of course, but, you know, it's that kind of story, so he was bound to.

I'll sit on it overnight and then read it over tomorrow to see if it hangs together as well as it ought. I'll edit it.

And then it can start going out again. Maybe this will be my Writers of the Future entry for this quarter...

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