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June 5th, 2008

01:32 pm
HAH. And again, I say, HAH.

Finally, finally, finally.

I'm finally happy with this story. Nine months after I pulled it from my submission list, after getting two pairs of fresh eyes on it, after tearing my hair out and wondering what the frell was wrong with it...it's done and I actually like it.


Not only did I figure out how to make my protagonist protag, but I tweaked the final scene so it wasn't bugging me anymore. It's a tiny tweak, but it makes all the difference in the character's outlook and his AHA moment. Also, his utter capitulation. *evil laughter*

Seriously, this story is a hundred percent better than it was. Of course, it's also 1500 words longer, but hey.

I think I'll ship it off to Writers of the Future today.

04:02 pm
Well, that's done.

The A&tS fic has been sent off to Writers of the Future, now that it doesn't suck. This means I'm in way before deadline and have one less thing hanging over my head.

Of course, it wouldn't be me if it went smooth, and my label printing has been... problematic lately. *sigh* I wrote out the addresses by hand on the envelopes, after trying three times with two different programs to get them to print correctly.

I should dive into the Faerie Show fic next and figure out if there's anything more wrong with it. Then I can start shipping it around as well.

AND, I need to think of what's next. The Plot Bunnies are staying stubbornly in the Hutch and refusing to hop out and play. *taps foot*

Also, I can has new Buffy and Dresden comicses. I'm soooo behind on reading the things...