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June 8th, 2008

03:49 pm
I have Bunny.

Now I just need Plot.

*pokes Bunny*

What's horrible is that I have the house to myself (Da Boy is over at a friend's house and the Hubby is at work), the internets has failed to be entertaining (although customers_suck has just introduced me to the concept of a coffee-oreo shake and I OMG WANT ONE NAO), and so I have time to sit here and write.

In market news, apparently Spacesuits and Sixguns isn't getting the sort of subs they want, and has thus delayed releasing the current issue. So, if you have anything pulp-y, in the 4000-word range, ship it to them!

In kitty news, we have a two-inch sliver of sunlight coming in through the backdoor window. The Gray Cat has appropriated it.