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June 10th, 2008

12:46 am
Here we go...

Pictures! I have pictures!

I just uploaded 72 pictures from the San Diego Zoo to my Photobucket account. You can see the thumbnails here. We have, in the batch on this post, birds, lizards, hyenas, gazelles, and a little bit o' hoofed stock.

Or, I'll just start posting them under the bouncing LJ cut...Collapse )

02:25 pm
I'm seeing via my flist...

Specifically, the lovely and effulgent matociquala, that Algis Budrys has died. The SF world, and those of us who are regular entrants to Writers of the Future, will miss him. :(

02:57 pm

So, the library is completely backed up on S3 of BSG. So much so that I might get to start watching it...somewhere around Halloween. I'm at position 67. They have 20 copies. Okay, with a week-long turnaround time, maybe it's not quite that bad. But still. That's just the first disc.

I don't want to wait that long.

Thing is, we have a Rewards program through our Visa. We can get gift cards, or cash back, or shiny shiny merchandise. I noticed that we could get a gift card through Amazon (among other places). Hey, thinks I, (basically) free stuff.

After much discussion with the Hubby, and much hemming and hawing and back-and-forthing, and him insisting that "we should buy the whole series, because just having S3 would be dumb," and me saying "But we've seen S1, S2, and S2.5, why do we need to buy them" rather halfheartedly, because, hey, I want the entire series as much as anyone, but I know it's just his way of putting the kibosh on the whole thing...

And after pricing the sets at various places...

And after realizing that we can actually get more in real cashy money than we would if we redeemed the Rewards for gift cards...

And after (fortuitously) looking over at my TV DVD collection and noticing that HEY! we already have S1...

And after getting an email from DeepDiscount saying "Save 20% on your order when you put BIGSALE in the promo box!"...

I've ordered S2, S2.5, S3, and Razor. For the princely sum of...

Drumroll, please...



08:31 pm
*adjusts pimp hat*

The lovely and effulgent sandratayler, who is married to the handsome and talented howardtayler (creator of the absolutely fabulous Schlock Mercenary--see icon), has a new children's book coming out called "Hold on to Your Horses." It's a lavishly-illustrated book about guiding your ideas in constructive ways. I got to look at the proofs at a get-together a bunch of us had after LTUE, and it's fabulous. Angela Call is the artist. I'll be ordering one soon for Da Boy.

You can download a .pdf here and check it out. I highly, highly recommend this for anyone with kids--or anyone who enjoys good art.