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June 11th, 2008

09:49 pm
Okay, I officially hate my brain.

First of all, a big THANK YOU to everyone who wished me a Happy Birthday today. *smooches you all* For anyone wondering, I turned 21 again today. *nods firmly* Really.

All we did special today was go out to dinner at Red Robin, where I ate ridiculous amounts of fried shrimp, steak fries, and fried zucchini. Seeing a pattern there? However, we have plans to go see "The Hulk" this weekend, and we hope it's playing at the drive-in with "Iron Man," because that would be awesome. Or we might go see "The Happening," because it's M. Night and we like him in spite of the last train wreck. Hey, M. Night? You're awesome, but you're not Neil Gaiman. Don't try.

We also went grocery shopping at The Evil Mart of Walls. Which had the original X-Men movie in their $5 bin. And a double disc Will Smith set that had "I, Robot" and "Independence Day" for $9. Alan Tudyk is in the first, and Adam Baldwin is in the second. What's not to love? Also, Will rocks like a big rocking thing.

Borders has "MirrorMask" for $8 this week, and the Seattle's Best Coffee places that they have in Borders has a coffee milkshake to die for. OMG YUM. So, I have new/old SF/F on DVD.

And I have comicses. New Angel: After the Fall, and Chuck #1 (of 6), which starts us out on Gilligan's Island, Chuck style. *dies of funny*

In other news, my body this morning said "Happy birthday! Here's your period and some cramps! Whee!" I growled and took ibuprofen. HAH.

And now I suppose you all are wondering why I hate my brain. Well, I was discussing with the Hubby the fact that several people have mentioned that the ending of the Faerie Show fic is "too easy," for one reason or another. So, I had a Bunny for a new ending.

And I don't know whether to go or

What if, rather than reciprocating Saffron's feelings, Amethyst does what dragonfly-winged faeries naturally do to butterfly-winged faeries...and eats her? This might require tweaking the beginning a little so that Sheila brings two faeries instead of one, so the unveiling might be a little more shocking when she gets back to her setup.

So, yeah. I hate my brain. Why does it always go to a dark place when I'm trying to be light and funny? Now, I realize that I can play this for laughs, and I probably will, but still. Sheesh.