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June 13th, 2008

08:23 pm
Zoo trip FTW!

We visited the local zoo today and bought a membership. Considering how much we travel for the express purpose of going to zoos, this will come in handy, as it gets us in for either free or discounted to over 120 other zoos nationwide. I got some shiny shiny pix as well, and there's a new owl, a Long-Eared Owl, which I've never actually seen before. *dances*

In writing news, I'm thinking about redoing the Faerie Show fic in first person. Because I don't have enough revisions to do with the new ending. *beats Antubis* Not that I've actually, you know, finished the new ending or anything, or given the reader enough information at the start and throughout to let them know what might happen...

Also, I really want this laptop bag.

RIP, Tim Russert. You were, in general, fair, even with people with whom you disagreed, and you will be missed. :(