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June 18th, 2008

12:50 pm

Okay, fellow writers on my flist, when you get a rejection in which the editor actually takes the time to give you crit, do you:

(a) Shrug, say, "Oh well," and sub it to the next market.
(b) Rewrite the story based on the crit.
(c) Thank the editor for their time, whether or not you agree with the crit.
(d) Whine about it under lock and filter on your LJ...and send it off to the next market.
(e) Write a nasty screed to the editor, defending your work. When he writes you back, reiterate that you feel attacked, boo-frackin'-hoo. When he responds by smacking you with a banhammer, tell him to "Go f*** a spastic porcupine."

If you answered (e), congratulations, you're the latest in a long line of numpty authors who will not last long in this business.

Seriously, rejection isn't personal. The editor isn't rejecting you, s/he's rejecting that particular piece of writing. Some other editor may love it to bits and shower you with cash. This doesn't mean the previous editor was wrong, it just means that they didn't like that story.

It's not about you. It's about your work. Separate your ego from it and resist the urge to hit the REPLY button unless you're going to thank the editor. Because arguing? Never ends well.

And we wonder why editors send form rejections...

Of course, the form rejections get the frothing replies of rage too. But I bet they don't get them as often.

04:46 pm
What, are they running in packs?

Kristin at pubrants tells us of an author that sent her agency an Express Mail package containing a handwritten manuscript, with no email address or SASE.

Understand, of course, that this agency doesn't actually take hardcopy subs--they only take them via email.

Okay, y'all Special Snowflakes out there? You just keep on keepin' on. Because even though I'm pretty new to all this submitting stuff, you're making me look like a professional old hand.

In other news, anyone who's thinking about entering the sfwa "contest" that you may have seen advertised on Craigslist? DON'T. It's a big fat hoax. The Science Fiction Writers of America doesn't sponsor writing contests. And I'm pretty sure that if they did, they wouldn't charge you ten bucks to enter them.

06:46 pm
I'm examining zoos again...

And is it bad that I fiercely and overwhelmingly want to visit the Henry Doorly Zoo in Omaha again? For something like the fourth time?

I'm in love with this zoo. It's so pretty. The indoor rain forest is faboo. So is the desert. And the nocturnal exhibit under the desert. They have a new Butterfly Garden this year.

You wouldn't think that little old Omaha would have such a shiny shiny zoo, but they do. And I'm to the point where I'm looking up airline schedules. *facepalm*

*sings* Rammmmmblin' fever...

Hm. Hard to get there, easy to get back. Might tell the Hubby we need to get the Cessna out...

07:22 pm

Dear Julie,

I'm sending this to let you know that "[Merc&theSnake]" has been forwarded for a final decision from our editors, Eric Flint and Mike Resnick. We'll contact you as soon as they've made a decision.

You know, I've felt for a long time that Baen's is a good fit for my stuff. This is the second time (and the second editor) where one of my stories has been passed on to Eric and Mike, and they usually have nice things to say about the stuff that doesn't get passed on as well.