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June 19th, 2008

09:25 pm
We went birdwatching today...

And thus I bring you...


First, we went to the Layton Marsh Preserve, where we saw...eh, not much, actually. A Bullock's Oriole when we first went in, and then it was pretty high and dry, bird-wise. Or anything-wise. Saw some eggs that had hatched, one of which was pretty big. We surmised that it belonged to a Great Blue Heron.

Then we attempted to wander down to the Farmington Wetlands place, but couldn't find it. They're doing construction in the area, and so it's all messed up. However, we found a little pond thingy next to a landfill that looked promising, so we got out and walked around it.

We saw pelicans, avocets, a cormorant, turkey vultures, a great blue heron, barn swallows, seagulls, mallards, geese, and a garter snake. The avocets appeared to be nesting, and one of them got kind of agitated as we went by, flapping its wings and trying to draw us away. That was neat; we've only seen avocets being avocets before, not engaging in actual behavior. I'm still unsure as to whether it was being "I'm big and threatening" or "My wing's broke--chase me!"

The cormorant was weird too. He was hanging out with the pelicans. He'd go underwater (presumably to fish), and then pop up among the pelicans. The pelicans were all "That's a funny-looking kid," which, if you've seen their kids? Is pretty comical.

Fourteen under the cut...Collapse )

In other news, I'm going to call the Faerie Show Fic done and start shipping it around. Yayness.

10:23 pm
While I'm here...

A very happy birthday to the lovely and effulgent fenchurche. *blows party horn* Hope you had a wonderful day!

Tonight, the Hubby and I have been watching YouTube videos.

Specifically, the "I'm a Marvel/I'm a DC" parodies.

These are brilliant. OMG. *dies*

10:53 pm
*dies of funny*

OMG. *dies again*