June 23rd, 2008

wolf eyes


The Hubby has four days off this week.

This is not unusual. He (generally) has four days off every week.

We were thinking of going someplace for a couple of days. Maybe Portland, maybe Pueblo. Portland has a pretty zoo that we get into for free. The HubbyMom lives in Pueblo and would like to see her grandson on occasion.

And the Hubby offered to take Da Boy off my hands for those days to go to Pueblo.

I'm...rather ambivalent about this.

On the one hand, precious precious alone time. I get very little of this.

On the other hand, time spent in other places sometimes shakes something loose, writing-wise. Also, I like the HubbyMom rather a lot and enjoy spending time with her.

On the third hand (I'm an SF/F writer, so I can get away with this), my weight is going in the right direction, and going someplace else and eating out for four days will throw that right out the window. However, with Da Boy and the Hubby gone, who's to say I won't go to BK or the Bux and stuff myself silly? This is a two-edged sword.

Also, I'm feeling like a rotten human being because if we're going to Portland, I'd go in a hot second, but I don't particularly want to go to Pueblo at this point in time.

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wolf eyes

I should be writing...

Or cleaning. Or doing something productive.

Instead, here I sit at the computer, playing Text Twist and making a new default icon. The old one is failing to inspire me these days. Or nag me. Or something. And thus I give you this:

I stole the image from a google image search, colorized it, and added text. Because boring gray typewriter is boring.

If anyone wants one customized, I saved the file as a .psp, so I can colorize it to (pretty much) anything you want, and put whatever text on there you want as well (within reason). What the hell, I'm bored.
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