June 25th, 2008

Numfar: Dance of Joy

We're going to see Iron Man...

for the third time today.

Only this time, we're getting a sitter for Da Boy and seeing it in a "real" theater (rather than the drive-in).

Speaking of Robert Downey, Jr.--I give you this:


WHOA. I'm so glad I watched the original one I was going to imbed before I did it--that particular trailer was rated R for a reason. This one is much more...family-friendly.

Yes, I realize that "Galaxy Quest" already did this. I don't care. A cast like that, I am so there.

Speaking of "Galaxy Quest," y'all know there's a comic coming out soon, right?

Also, to make this post even more awesome than it already is, I give you this, courtesy of the HubbySis. Just click it. Worksafe and hysterical.