June 29th, 2008

wolf eyes

"Good God, you're a woman."

I've put not!Pepper back together again. And boy, is she pissed.

And I find that I'm writing real, honest-to-God romance.


Okay, yes, I realize that the very nature of H/C lends itself to romance. And not!Tony is very H and will require quite a bit of the ol' C. But even when I write it (and Lord knows I have, it's one of my cast-iron kinks), it usually just deepens an existing friendship. I don't do hearts and flowers and puppies and babies and "Marry me." I've always thought that my romance bone was broken. *headdesks*

Well. Since the spec element of this is refusing to rear its head, maybe I can sell it to a romance magazine. If there are such.

Five thousand words and counting...
wolf eyes

I can has endgame!

Six thousand words and counting. That's 1500 so far today, for those keeping score at home.

Wordperfect knows "bullshit." It's even in the thesaurus! As both a verb and a noun! It does not know "smartass." This...probably makes me giggle more than it should.

And I know how I'm going to rescue them. I think I'm going to do it via the magic of IP tracing!

Here's how I think it might work, having tried it at home myself. I had [some website or other] trace the location of my IP. Now, it put me in American Fork, which is about...oh, twenty miles from where I live and not good enough for my purposes. But I'm thinking it's tracing the IP of the server of my ISP, so if the server itself was in a bunker in Bosnia, boom, we have location and the troops can come in and take poor not!Tony to the friggin' hospital where he belongs. After, of course, blowing the crap out of the place.

Does this sound feasible? Or am I just BSing?

Nevermind; I'm using Blackberry technology instead, because it's easier all around.
wolf eyes

*dies and is ded*

7000 words. They can has rescue. Yayz!

Terrorist: *stabbinates not!Tony*
not!Tony: Okay, see, this is why we don't pay terrorists off.

Now all I have to do is end the ending, change their names, tweak the beginning so we get a sense of these two before the plane crashes...

Witty banter. Witty banter is good. And not!Tony-babble. This guy is worse than Willow, just so y'all know. He runs off at the mouth and the brain and has no idea when to just shut up. Yes, it gets him in trouble.

For those of you keeping track at home, that's 2500 words so far today. Just need a Happily Ever After here.

*cracks knuckles*