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June 30th, 2008

12:04 am
*dies and is ded* Again.

I have an END at the bottom of the page. I have an HEA.

I have...

Drumroll, please.

I have EIGHT THOUSAND (and eighty-one) WORDS.

In three days. For today, that makes approximately 3500.

I'm in shock. I love this story so. Very. Much. I hardly ever go back to the beginning of a story and read it all the way through while I'm writing it, but I've done that several times with this one.

Now. I don't have a title. I don't have backstory. I don't have real first names for these characters (although I have picked last names). I'm not even sure I have any markets. For all I know, there's no "short" romance markets out there at all. For all I know, I'm going to have to put it up somewhere as a freebie. For all I know, an editor will be irritated rather than charmed by the not!Tony-babble. I think I've mentioned how he runs off at both the mouth and the brain. Er. Several times.

But I've written it and it's done(ish) and it's a shiny shiny thing. Numfar! Do the Dance of Joy!

02:53 am
I can has backstory.

And now it's 8441 words.

I did good work today. I believe I'll rest on my laurels until tomorrow.

01:29 pm
And here it sits...

At a little over 8500 words.

And of course, I realized this morning that I've spent a hell of a lot of time in not!Tony's head and not very much at all in not!Pepper's head.

Because seriously. Why in the world would she marry this guy? He's a self-destructive risk-taker with a smart mouth who has no regard for the people around him. This changes somewhat during their captivity, but when all's said and done, a tiger is a tiger and has a really hard time changing its stripes.

So now I have to go back and find or write in some sort of redeeming quality, something that would make her say "Okay" when he says "Marry me." I mean, duh, of course he wants to marry her, he can't tie his shoes without her there walking him through it, but I need to find a sane reason for her to reciprocate other than "We've just been through a hideous trauma together, let's have babies!"

05:42 pm
And I've picked names!

I actually copied and pasted the thing into a new doc before doing the find and replace on the names, because I want to read it over and make sure it flows properly before I do anything permanent to it.

It's almost like naming a baby, for Heaven's sake.

And the thing keeps expanding. We're up to 8765 words now. Oh my gosh.

I also realized that I really do have the whole "romance plot" here. Boy meets girl, boy dips girl's pigtails in ink, boy and girl start liking each other, boy does something abysmally stupid and loses girl, girl finds out that he didn't actually do that abysmal thing and takes him back, boy and girl get engaged, and we end on a kiss.

*headdesks* I don't even read romance...