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July 2nd, 2008

03:41 pm
Iron Man fandom?

Is made of win. Seriously. Most of the fic is spelled properly and punctuated the way it should be (with the occasional missing comma in the following situation: Will that be all Mr. Stark?), and some of it will make your heart break right out of your chest. There's also a lot of fluff and schmoop, which strikes me as a little odd, but, hell, I pretty much did that myself (around the torture and pain), so I guess I get that.

Also, fanfic writers seem to pay more attention to the physics of the thing than the movie makers did, which fills me with unseemly glee. Of course, this is mostly an excuse for H/C fic, but still.

Therefore, I will forgive the fandom the smushed-pairing name "Pepperony," because other than that? Awesome.

Also, I come bearing recs:
atrata's "The Mathematics of Betrayal." Noncon on the couch with the paralyzer thing (hopefully that's vague enough to not be a spoiler). This gives me the same sort of vibe I was trying to achieve with the ReaverFic, although I don't think you need a "don't eat while reading this" warning. This is really, really good, and she took a creepy scene and made it even creepier.

Actually, anything by atrata is golden.

There's a couple of fanvids here. One is "Sharp Dressed Man," and the other is "The Story" by Brandi Carlile, which I'd never heard before but is very THEM.

And I'm going to also rec "Sentinel" by amonitrate. It's a WIP, but it's insanely good. I mean, you guys know I don't read WIPs, right? I'm reading this one. Lots of angst and hurt and it's also very THEM.

The communities starkindustries and ironman_movie are excellent sources of fic, vids, icons, etc.

So, yeah.

Also, I come bearing icons:

Yes, I switched the D'Argo Anteaters icon for the Tony one. Because I needed a Tony Stark icon like burning and it's my own private joke and I realize it's probably completely inappropriate to use that text with that scene especially considering the fic rec above but oh well.

"Iron Man" is playing at the drive-in with "Get Smart," so, yes, we're going to see it for the fourth time tonight, diet be damned. Even if I was 127.6 this morning.

In not!Iron Man fic news, I fixed a few problems pointed out by the handsome and talented kurukami and the lovely and talented crayonbreakygal. I've also put the serial numbers back on (in yet another fic doc--for those of you keeping track at home, that's three versions), and dealt with one of the problems that arose from that. But I need to watch the movie again and see if my perception of their relationship is what I think it is or if I've skewed it for my nefarious purposes. Also, to see if Tony babbles nearly as much as I think he does.

Also, I've ordered the novelization from Borders, because I have $15 in Borders Bucks and I'm just a little bit obsessed right now. If Peter David hadn't written it, I might not have bothered unless it was someone else I trusted, but Peter David is really good, so I have confidence that it'll be acceptable and possibly amazing. Thrill me, Peter.

08:33 pm
And now comes the hard part...

As the crit comes in, of incorporating changes. I've had two people tell me it's too short. *headdesks* I also need to dial back on his injuries, apparently. Probably a lot. I wonder how long a person would live with a rib through a lung...

And I need to ramp hers up. Which gets me into the problem of the part where they break her by showing her something awful that he's (allegedly) done, and if they hurt her too badly, why would she believe them? I guess that gets into the territory of a mental break vs a physical one.