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July 6th, 2008

11:17 am
Obsessed? Moi?

Er. Maybe.

Why, no. I didn't take a pic of RDJ and add facial hair and the glow from an arc reactor to it... *eyeshift*

11,660 words in the not!Iron Man story now. *pokes it* I thought of another way to torture not!Tony this morning, but discarded it. The poor guy is already so injured that any more will probably kill him.

*facepalm* Of course, if he's a werewolf...

09:00 pm
I realized today...

After reading the not!Iron Man story for the eleventy-dozenth time, that I swap back and forth rather religiously between not!Tony and not!Pepper's viewpoints.

Except once.

I decided to do something about that. And now I've written the scene where the terrorist dude is "softening him up" by breaking the ribs not crunched in the plane crash.

And really, this isn't because I love beating the everlovin' shit out of my characters (although *cough* that may be part of it), but it also lets me describe my terrorist, gives us not!Tony's state of mind when he first wakes up after the crash, and shows us what sort of person he is under stress. Honest, I'm not being gratuitous just for the sake of it. *adjusts halo*

Current word count: 12,225

I'll probably end up expanding this scene a bit, because it's kind of bare bones right now, but the babble is in there and OMG SO FUN to write.