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July 7th, 2008

11:04 am
Because Tony Stark has taken over my brain...

I posted an icon yesterday, vis, this:

And of course, my head being what it is, it took the idea and went to a dark place with it.

My sick, sick, obsession, let me show you it. And yes, I'm still waiting for Borders to get my copy of the novelization in. I'm getting the soundtrack this week as well.

*headdesks* You know, I may have to buy this on Blu-Ray when it comes out. Even though we don't actually have a Blu-Ray DVD player.

And now, I shall go over the not!Iron Man story one more time...

03:07 pm
More icons...

...sparked by a discussion at ironman_lounge about Tony's poor impulse control.

So, yes. I'm having school with Da Boy, making icons, participating in Iron Man discussion, IMing with the lovely and effulgent sunnyd_lite and bigsciencybrain, and reading over the not!iron man story.

Whether I'm doing any of this well or not is a question for the ages.

06:47 pm
*giggles madly*

See, this is why I click on the Nigerian emails that seem to flood my inbox about three times a week.

Particularly, the bank where the diseased had an account valued at [12.5million dollars] has issued me a notice to provide the next of kin or have the account confiscated within the next fourteen official working days.

I'm sure he means "deceased" there...

Points for originality in this one, though. Apparently "Eng. Adams" died, along with his family, in a train wreck in Japan, rather than a plane crash.

10:32 pm
Y'all getting bored with this yet?

So, I finally picked the brains of the, you know, pilot I live with. And it turns out that you really kind of need two pilots for the sort of plane that not!Tony would be using on a trans-Atlantic flight to Athens. However, I sort of needed it to be just not!Tony and not!Pepper, and so he gave me a very slick method to do away with the other pilot. *evil laughter* I think I'm rubbing off on him.

And he gave me a plausible way to crash the plane. Because even though I'm writing a trashy romance, I want it to have verisimiltude, dammit.

Current word count: 12,491

Which...is a little disappointing, actually. I was hoping the extra stuff would bump it over 13K, but alas, it was not to be. The lovely and effulgent texanfan reminded me that I hadn't described the plane very well, so I've done that too, somewhat. Go, me.