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July 8th, 2008

06:13 pm
So, we got paid today.

And I can has:

  • The Iron Man Soundtrack (now playing and OMG it's SO GOOD)
  • The director's cut of Hellboy. $9 at Wal-Mart for a three-disc set. Whee!
  • Burn Notice. Not least because someone's written an Iron Man/Burn Notice crossover and I want to read it. *eyeshift*

    Also, a t-shirt to put the the Tony Stark custom design I made on. *eyes printer* My black cartridge is nearly out of ink, and it's not printing too well. I'm tempted to just go ahead and switch it out, but I hate to do that until it's absolutely empty because I just hate wasting expensive ink that way. Also, I need to wash the tee before I put the transfer on it anyway, so I guess there's no real hurry.

    I called Borders to see if they had the novelization of Iron Man in yet, and they didn't. Then we get home, and there's a message on the machine saying it's there. Seeing as they're down the block from the comic store, I'll just get it on Thursday. I can wait. I have Jim Butcher's latest to read anyway, and I need to finish that sooner rather than later, as it's due back at the library in three weeks and I won't be able to renew it.

    And seeing as I have three comics from last week and one from this week, plus there's Serenity mugs... Yeah, we'll definitely be in the neighborhood on Thursday.