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July 9th, 2008

10:19 am
Thinky thoughts...

First off, icon. Because I love making my fandoms collide:

If Tony doesn't have a t-shirt that says that, he totally should.

Second of all, meta!

So, we're watching S3 of BSG (as we do), and the difference between a character like Gaius Baltar and Tony Stark struck me.

Why do I loathe Gaius and love Tony? Hotness is not a factor; Gaius is handsome, brainy, and occasionally gets a sarcastic zinger off. Also, glasses. Did I mention the accent? *drool*

And then I knew.

Tony Stark is a Rogue.

Gaius Baltar is a Weasel.

Tony will pretend to go along with a terrorist group, and pretend to build their weapon, and stall for time--and then kill them dead. He may be a bit of a bastard, he may be an alcoholic, he may be an irresponsible little boy with lousy impulse control...but in the end, he'll do the right thing for the right reasons. And he might die trying.

Gaius, on the other hand will do anything to preserve his own skin. The man has no principles whatsoever, other than "What's best for Gaius." He will lie, cheat, steal, and sell out his own species if he thinks he's going to die. And that's as far as he takes it. He's not scheming to betray the Cylons later, all he's doing is figuring out how best to stay alive for the next three seconds. He doesn't have ulterior motives, and he doesn't have angles.

So, the difference is, the Rogue is redeemable. Sawyer will run into a burning building to save Claire. Rhett will join the army after the war is lost. And Tony will build a suit to kill terrorists with. But Gaius will always be a Weasel.

Then again, I hope that Gaius surprises me one day.

03:20 pm
Like a dog with a bone...

So, I posted an icon of Tony Stark wearing a t-shirt I thought he should own. Then I thought of other t-shirts he should own. And this is what came out.

And yes, two of those are t-shirts I actually own. Shut up.

Also, the Hubby has a "still plays with cars" shirt, and a polo with Wile E. Coyote stitched onto it that says "mechanical genius."

05:25 pm
And in keeping with the obsession du jour

Iron Man recs!

First and foremost, The Kids Aren't All Right, a (fake) Vanity Fair piece about Tony Stark that absolutely stunned me with its brilliance. Seriously, run, don't walk to read this.

Then there's a series of stories where Tony gets a dog. A Bullmastiff puppy, to be precise. Wackiness, as they say, ensues.

If the idea of Tony with a dog isn't funny enough, perhaps the idea of Tony as a dog might be more your cup of tea. That can be read here. Yes, it's crack. So what? It's the good crack. TRUST ME.

As much as I'm using this icon lately, maybe I should make it my default...

ALSO. I've been saying for months that the next flavor M&Ms should make is mocha. Because coffee and chocolate go together like that and you know mocha M&Ms would be divine, right?

AND THEY ARE. M&Ms has come out with M&Ms Premiums, and one of the Premium flavors is mocha. And they're SO GOOD. *dies*

09:54 pm
Let the evil laughter commence.

You guys know I've been wrestling with a spec element to the not!Iron Man story, right? I've considered making not!Tony a werewolf, and discarded that idea.

Several times.

I've been fighting the notion tooth and nail. It just didn't feel right.


If not!Pepper is the werewolf...

And he doesn't know...

She's been hiding it from him for all these years...

It comes out under the stress of their abduction...

Maybe she has to bite him to save him because he's injured so badly...

The notion came about with this evening's meeting with my Writing Buddy, during which I literally facepalmed because I realized that not!Pepper? Is a big ol' Sue. Yeppers. Holy shit, y'all, she's pretty, she's frighteningly competent, she's brave and true and she's pulled his bacon out grease fires of his own making too many times to count and 'scuse me while I just go over and throw up in the corner RIGHT NOW, thanks.

But if she's a werewolf...

All of a sudden, she has a big secret, and maybe she's not quite as appealing anymore, what with getting hairy once a month, and gee, no wonder her co-workers think she's a bitch. This adds a whole new dimension to "time of the month."

Not only that, but I have my spec element, and while selling something of this length still won't be easy, it will, at least, be easier.

So. This is the next iteration. I will, of course, be using a brand new doc for it, because what if I do it and it sucks?