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July 12th, 2008

02:22 pm

I scribbled another 1300 words in the not!Iron Man fic yesterday. The word count is banging around the region of 15,500, a little over. Holy cow, y'all.

And now I think it's as done as I can get it without further input. Sliding the werewolf stuff in there so it looked like it belonged was a challenge, but I think I succeeded. I guess I'll run it past the usual suspects and see.

08:12 pm
I just did some math.

Which, admittedly, is not my strong suit.

Previous wordcount for the year, not counting the not!Iron Man story?


Counting it?


This effectively doubles and adds half again to what I've written for 2008.

Of course, the markets for this thing are thin, folks. There's, like...three, that actually pay anything. One of them is WotF, which is probably where I'll send it first. Considering the fact that the deadline for this quarter isn't until September, I've got time to polish it, I guess.

Oh, and find a title. A title would be shiny. "Not!Iron Man" probably wouldn't fly.