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July 14th, 2008

07:28 pm

You know what? Unless anyone else finds anything egregiously wrong with the not!Iron Man fic*, I'm going to call it done. It's just shy of 16,000 words, and if it gets any longer, the only place I'll be able to send it to will send me a "sorry, didn't grab" rejection. The length it's at now, it's still eligible for Writers of the Future (assuming I don't win this quarter, heh). I'll probably go over it once or twice more, because there's always something, and it still needs a title.

No. "Of Werewolves and Terrorists" is an awful title. Seriously. *glares at Muses* That's just bad. Stop it.

In weight news, I was 126.0 this morning. OMG. I can fit into shorts from the last WriterCon. Size 8. And they're loose on me.

*Yes, this is an invitation to the Concrit Group to really tear into it. But I'm not looking for ways to make it longer, just any bad mistakes, at this point.

09:25 pm

I have a new default icon. Because Tony Stark nagging me to write will be far more effective than a purple typewriter.

Not that I've needed nagging lately, but I'm sure I will later. The Cow and the Beanstalk story isn't going to write itself.

And I did this one too: