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July 15th, 2008

10:17 am
Behold more evidence of my unhealthy obsession...

This is a piece of performance art I can get behind:

Completely safe for work. Which, this being me, you should know already. But seriously, y'all, Robert Downey, Jr., is a beautiful, beautiful man. Holy cow.

Sam Taylor-Wood (the woman in the video) is a brilliant photographer. In fact it's her photo I used in this icon:
and I decided to look at more of her work based on it.

In other news, I lost two-tenths of a pound yesterday, putting me under 126 for the first time in...well, a really long time. Yay!

And I realized this morning that, with not!Pepper wolfing out, I lost one of my favorite lines in the original, and I'm not sure I can get it back. To wit:

She had his head on her lap and was playing with his hair, wondering if he was going to die in her arms--which would be a very not!Tony thing to do, all things considered; he loved dramatic gestures--when the machine guns started going off and screams reverberated through the compound.

In the new (final!) version, she's wondering if she's going to have to bite him to save him, and how mad he'd be if she did. Which is, well, funny, I guess, in a completely black-humor sort of way. But damn if I don't wish I had a way of keeping the "dying in her arms because he loved dramatic gestures" line.

01:44 pm

I'm not getting the line back (mentioned in the previous post). But I've substituted something better and more poignant, I think. So there. There will be tears. Tears, I tell you.

I've been watching clips of interviews with Robert Downey, Jr., and he looks so happy. It's really cool that he's turned his life around so drastically, and I wish him all the best.

Yes, this is me being a sucker for redemption stories.

03:53 pm
So, I've been trolling (in the fishing sense) YouTube today...

And, wow. How come no one told me that John Barrowman can sing? Because, seriously.

Erm. Tony/Pepper vid. Spoilers for the movie. Click at own risk. You know the drill.

I also saw some RDJ vids where he sings, specifically the one in "Ally McBeal" about Christmas ("River"), and he's got some pipes too.

And I saw one he did of "Smile," too, and wow, just wow. I'm aware he's got an album out. I'm seriously considering picking it up.