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July 16th, 2008

11:59 am
*beats Antubis*

Which is, really, the wrong reaction here. I should be feeding him chocolate-covered ants and absinthe, because he's been doing yeoman's work for the past couple of weeks. But, still, I'm a little frustrated.

The not!Iron Man story crossed over the 16,000-word mark. This means, if I want to keep it eligible for WotF, I've got less than a thousand words to play with. With a character like not!Tony, who Won't. Shut. UP, this is...a challenge.

But. The thing is that the scene where she wolfs out still feels flat. I keep asking myself "what could go wrong" here and not coming up with anything.

Hm. Maybe I just have. After all, Angel killed a werewolf with a silver pen once. If the guy searched the plane, opened not!Tony's briefcase, and stole his Mont Blanc, that would explain where it came from. Natch, I wouldn't kill her, but she could at least be injured more and have more at stake.

Maybe a letter opener instead, so I'm not stealing wholesale from Joss. Although why not!Tony would have one of those in his briefcase is, hm, possibly problematic. What other objects made from silver might he be toting around on a business trip overseas? Or objects made of silver that might be in the office of a terrorist dude that might come readily to hand?

Also, very happy birthdays to the lovely and effulgent midnightsjane and ithildyn! May your day be filled with fun, and remember the calories don't count on your birthday. :) *hugs you both*

Speaking of calories, the weigh-in this morning was 125.4. This puts me "officially" at 125 for the first time since...OMG. I don't even remember. Breast-feeding, seven years ago. I've got three weeks to lose three more so I'll actually feel comfortable about going to WorldCon and, well...pigging out on restaurant food.

07:15 pm
It's all fun and games...

Until someone loses an eye.

*evil laughter*

Really, that's not as random and cryptic as it looks at first glance.