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July 17th, 2008

10:25 am
Well, frak me.

And now I'm writing actual!Iron Man fanfic. Because I've got an image in my head of Harry and Harmony and it should be Tony and Pepper and gorramit I really didn't want to go there but here I am. I'm such an angst-puppy. Gah.

Also, IMDB is being singularly uncooperative with the quotes for Iron Man. It looks like many of them came from the shooting script rather than the actual movie. And watching interviews with RDJ and Jon, we know that Robert walked into Jon's trailer on a daily basis with the day's pages in his hand, crumpled them up, and threw them against the wall, and they pretty much made the dialogue up as they went. So, yeah. Anyone have the actual quote from Tony after Pepper has her hand in his chest? Was it "You're all I have?" Argh.

In other news, LJ is bringing back Basic Accounts at the end of summer. *applauds*

125.2 this morning. Hubby thinks I look "hot." *grins* And I'll think of it as "2.8" more pounds to go rather than "3" because that makes it feel as though I'm still making progress. Of course, that might also mean I relax about it a little, which I really can't afford to do, so it's a two-edged sword.

Another rejection in the inbox. Whee. No one loves me. Or the CatFeet story.

Anyone reading this going to WorldCon? Hello? Anyone?

01:11 pm
Hey, look! More Iron Man.

First, a fic rec:

Five Times Obadiah Cloned Tony. This will take your heart, rip it out, and dance on it. Especially the last one. DUDE.

And I made wallpaper last night:
Behind the cut to spare your flist.Collapse )

08:18 pm
*beats Muse*

Yeah, you know what he's given me today?

A thousand-word actual!Iron Man story.

I have, once again, committed fanfic.

And apparently, Tony Stark has broken my grammar bone. The last story? Full of run-on sentences. This one? Full of fragments.

I. Cannot. Win.