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July 19th, 2008

10:52 am
And the weight loss...

Apparently came to a screeching halt yesterday.

After dropping down to 124.0 at yesterday's weigh-in, I popped back up to 124.2 this morning. I realize, intellectually, that 2/10 of a pound isn't a big deal in the Great Scheme of Things. However, my emotions tell me different. Bah. I hate having my state of mind determined by what the scale tells me in the morning...

On the upside, I'm back into my size 5 shorts. And I don't have to cram myself into them. And the Hubby thinks I'm hawt, although he keeps saying "Don't hurt yourself." *hearts*

In other news, I, um, posted Iron Man fic yesterday. And, not to be a big ol' attention whore or anything, but...did anyone read it? Don't you love me anymore? *makes puppy eyes @ flist* Don't make me go begging for feedback from strangers...

The plane crash in the not!Iron Man continues to bug, even after I've played with g-forces a bit. Seriously, planes take a long time to crash unless they're very close to the ground, which they, um, wouldn't be--and not!Tony would have plenty of time to get his seat belt on. I asked the Hubby if I could roll the plane and have the pilots recover it, and he said that was feasible. So, I'm going to play with that a bit.

And I'm also working on the same actual!Iron Man story again, only from Tony's POV this time. Because I have a sick, sad obsession.