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July 23rd, 2008

11:22 am

So, in keeping with the "we always hurt the characters we love" theme, I decided to look at my original fiction and see where I stood in that department.

It's...not a pretty picture.

  • BeagleFic: This one is remarkably violence-free. Go me. It's the only one.
  • Gargoyles: Er. Dead baby, opening scene. Carnage throughout.
  • DragonFic: Exploding baby dragons. Charlie nearly dies in a space battle.
  • Merc&theSnake: Male and female protagonist both die. Medtech brings them back.
  • A&tS Male protag goes insane. Good times.
  • Werewolf Fic: Biting with subsequent wolferizing.
  • CatFeet: Story is about a serial killer. Nuff said.
  • BeeFic: Bees vs Faeries in a war over honey. Death and injury.
  • Abducted!Werewolf: Giant alien bugs kidnap the wrong Earthling. More carnage.
  • BearFic: Bear kills evil abbott.
  • Giant Bugs: Dog dies in opening scene. Did I mention I destroy the Pacific Ocean?
  • Bunny From Hell: Stuffed bunny wants to be Real. Current owner not able to make that happen. He smothers her. She's...five?
  • Faerie Show: Kidnapped faerie kills and eats prospective mate.
  • Not!Iron Man: Male protag gets the shit beat out of him and nearly dies. Female protag loses an eye.

    Yeah. I think I have issues.

    In other news, there's an Iron Man Friending Meme going on over at ironman_lounge. Go forth, make new friends!

    Oh. Icon. Little more artsy than I usually do: