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July 29th, 2008

09:51 am

I had the most bizarre dream this morning, y'all.

As you know, Bob, I shipped the not!Iron Man fic off to a publication yesterday. And in my dream, there was a progress bar on the site that you could watch light up as the slush reader went through the story, and a spot for comments once they were done.

So, the progress bar gets to the end, and then there's the comment:

We would've bought this if it had been slash.

This, in my dream, sent me ranting and raving through the house. And when I woke up, I went into a fit of giggles. Because for this particular publication to say something like that...

Yeah. I just don't think they would. Trust me on this. I think it's that fandom has broken my brain, and I need to, perhaps, step away from the KKBB comm for awhile. Alas, it's sadly lacking in genfic, and I think there's, like, one Harry/Harmony fic out there. I'm not actually reading all the slash (not my thing), but there's apparently an osmosis effect going on here.

In weight-loss news? 122.2 this morning. *does the Dance of Joy* That, right there? Goal weight for WorldCon. Anything beyond this is gravy.

11:42 am
Writers of the Future announcement...

First round of Honorable Mentions is up. Hey, I recognize one of those names!

Congrats to foxcutter!

Looks like they're not going to be getting to others on the list for awhile, what with the banquet coming up. Guess I should start checking my mailbox...

04:05 pm

I wish I knew how to vid. I'd love to do a "Kiss Kiss Bang Bang" vid to "Bad Day." Because, seriously.

What sort of software do people use for that, anyway? How much does it cost? Not that I need to add another hobby to my fannish pursuits at this point, but I'm bored and the internets is failing to entertain me.