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July 30th, 2008

03:56 pm
I haz list.

Stuff I need to do, like...today. Ish. Before Saturday, anyhow.

  • vacuum the basement
  • print out business cards
  • print out not!Iron Man story
  • mop floors
  • clean bathrooms: downstairs, boy, master
  • dust: front room, bedroom
  • clean kitchen
  • clean dining room
  • clear the arm of the couch, for lo, it is messy. Again. Still. Always.
  • DVDs back to library
  • packing. Packing is good.

    I've gotten my own books that I want signed at WorldCon from the basement and packed into my shiny new rolly bag. I've gotten my Dresden comic from the store. The dog has an actual reservation at the kennel.

    I'd like to buy a new purse. If I could find one I actually liked that wasn't too expensive. I just want one that's the right size for my wallet, keys, and a paperback. Possibly my hairbrush. And that isn't hideous. Hmph.

    Okay. *cracks knuckles*
  • 06:19 pm
    I've whacked out...

    about a third of my to-do list. In preparation for printing out the not!Iron Man story to take to WorldCon, I formatted it properly in .wpd. Of course, I did it the other day in .rtf format so I could ship it off to an esub market, but when I did that, I didn't pay attention to the page count.


    Seventy-one pages, y'all.

    Now I'm wondering if I really do want to print it out...