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August 1st, 2008

11:38 am

*beats Muse*

Okay, the KKBB/IM crossover sucks, y'all. It sucks big green mossy rocks.

I have one line I can salvage from this, to possibly cannibalize into something that doesn't suck.

Understand, before you read this line, that I've had two characters drop f-bombs in my fiction, ever. And they were in the same story. Also, I don't normally drop them in my own LJ. However, I think the situation here rather warrants it.

Character has just discovered other character, battered and bleeding and unconscious in a gutter in the rain:

"...calm down, fuck you, Perry, 'calm down,' he's freezing and soaking wet and covered in blood and he won't wake up and they said if I called an ambulance they'd kill him in front of me, so I think I'm entitled to a little hysteria here!"

Why, yes. I've just beat the living shit out of another character. I think I'm detecting a pattern here. *sigh*