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August 2nd, 2008

12:55 pm

I have 960 words of Cow and the Beanstalk.

I have 773 words of KKBB/IM crossover.

Neither of them is cooperating in the least. The Muses are over in the corner, giggling, snarfing chocolate-covered ants, and drinking absinthe. They're all "Dude, we gave you 25000 words in the last month and a half. Shut up." And I'm, like, "But. Must. Write. NAOW."

And of course the Hubby doesn't get it. I was whining last night that I wanted to work on the Cow and the Beanstalk, but all I was getting was the KKBB/IM thing, and he said "Well, obviously you actually want to work on the crossover, because you have this RDJ fixation that's consumed your brain." I had to explain to him that, sorry, that's really not how this works, and reminded him about the DamnFic, which I didn't want to write because who the hell wants to write about Kaylee getting raped, but I couldn't write anything else until I wrote that and it drove me nuts and I fought it for several days before I gave in.

I think he still might not get it.

Maybe other writers can dictate to their brains what they want to work on. Me? Not so much.

He said, "Well, why don't you think of your protag in the Cow story as Tony Stark? WWTSD?" Of course, Tony Stark is not in a medieval fairy tale setting, and Pepper Potts would not be so careless as to allow herself to be transformed into a cow. Le sigh.

Screw it. I'm going to go see Iron Man again. Maybe it'll shake something loose.

07:35 pm
So, we're taking off tomorrow for the wilds of Colorado...

So, I'm going to leave you fine folks with some Robert Downey, Jr news and a couple of Iron Man fic recs.

First of all, from Newsweek's coverage of "Tropic Thunder":

Downey's Lazarus is the movie's most unforgettable jest. A fanatically committed method actor, he surgically darkens his skin to play the part of African-American Sgt. Lincoln Osiris and refuses to go out of character even when the cameras stop rolling. Downey is astonishing: he's so deep into this double role that when the characters' ghetto accent occasionally falters, it slips into an Aussie accent.

This makes me so gleeful. I have no words for how ridiculously much I'm looking forward to this movie.

Okay, this first fic rec is...really really darkfic. I've recced stuff by quigonejinn before, because she's just brilliant. In this one, we consider what might have happened had Pepper been Obadiah's assistant rather than Tony's, and what loyalty means to her. So, I give you: The Hardest Part of Your Job. This will make you go gaaaaaaah. And then you'll want to go back and read it again.

And this one to comfort you after reading that one: Books and Backchat, by the lovely and effulgent awanderingbard. Tony and Pepper banter at its best.

And now I must go forth and pack. Whee.

I won't have any internet access until Tuesday, after we leave tomorrow.