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August 6th, 2008

11:47 pm
WorldCon, Day Two.

Hotel wireless is made of Lose and Fail. It keeps kicking me out randomly and then putting me back on. Blargh.

Celeb Watch: Robert Silverberg, Connie Willis, John Scalzi, Robert Sawyer, Harry Turtledove, Charles Stross, Jim Van Pelt, Howard Tayler. The only one of these luminaries I actually spoke with was Jim Van Pelt, and that's because I've met him before. Well, and Howard, of course, because, you know...Utah. I was on the periphery of a conversation with Charlie Stross, whose badge states that he's from "Edinburgh, United Kingdom." Er.

palmaceae, did you make it here? I've pretty much got my phone turned off because I'm in panels all day, but if you're actually here I'll try and hook up with you. :)

Did most of my shopping today, picked up a couple of Lois's books for other people, another copy of "Name of the Wind" because I need one, and a Connie Willis for someone else. Also, a Schlock Mercenary t-shirt, along with sandratayler's "Hold on to Your Horses" children's book. Someone was selling netsukes and had a pangolin! Which, yes, I promptly bought, because...pangolin.

I poked my not!Iron Man hardcopy I printed out and found a typo on the frakking second page. I fail. I fail so hard. BAD extra period, which apparently snuck in during an edit and I didn't notice. *cries*

Three panels today:
Enjoying your first convention: About what you'd expect. You can't do everything, don't try, 5/2/1 rule, drink plenty of water, etc.

Using real science in SF: What is SF? What about space opera? What about alternate history, and how the hell did that suddenly get into the category of SF? Time travel. Psi power--science or supernatural?

There was also some discussion on How do you get your reader to willingly suspend their disbelief? My thinking is that you have to sell the hell out of your concepts. Someone said that if you explain one thing really really well, the readers will follow you anywhere after that. I think there's some truthiness there.

Survival tips for beginning writers: See if you can distill your book into one "concept" sentence. One panelist used the example of "Jane Austen with magic," which I thought was really cool. Stuff with agents and editors. Training the Muse: Supposedly, he works for me, not the other way around. Yeah, right, they haven't met Antubis...

There's a Writer's Wall similar to Runner's Wall. About 2/3 of the way through the work, it just bogs down, and you start hating it. Yeah, I've hit this. And you just have to fight through it. Pretty much. I've found that I can force it if need be, although it's not easy.

Tomorrow, there's a couple of Kaffeeklatches I'm hoping to get into, the Patrick Rothfuss signing, and a panel on dogs in SF, among other panels. I'm definitely going to try to get to the Tor/Baen's party, and the Reno Bid Party one of these nights.

And now, I shall poke...something. *beats Antubis*