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August 8th, 2008

02:00 am
WorldCon, Day Three.

Hotel wireless does not suck as much as before. Or at least, I'm not noticing it sucking (as much), although it still drops me occasionally. Just not...every five minutes. Yay.

Celeb Watch: Joe Haldeman, Stan Schmidt, Brandon Sanderson, Elizabeth Moon, Patrick Rothfuss, and Carrie Vaughn.

Bleeding Heart Liberals and Miltary SF: Just basically talking about how it's not just conservatives who like military SF, but there's also things for liberals to like about it: the integrity of the characters, consequences, etc. There was discussion of the many flavors of military SF, and the fact that blowing shit up is great. Discussion of "cooties."

Going to the Dogs: Dogs in SF. Not enough of them! Can you imagine a city without dogs? We take our pets everywhere with us, and space will be no exception. There are jobs that dogs do exceptionally well, and we may expand on that in the future.

Other stuff:
Got stuff signed today. Kaffeeklatches with Stan Schmidt and Carrie Vaughn, which were very very cool. Basically, it's eight-on-one time with famous people. I was signed up for one with Connie Willis as well, but I skipped it (don't hurt me!) in favor of going back to the dealer's room, which was closing in a half hour. Ran into Howard and Sandra Tayler, who introduced me to their friends Peter Steve Jackson (not the director one, the gaming guy--Gurps? I don't know, I don't game) and his SO Monica Stephens. Then we all went out to dinner at this yummy yummy out-of-the-way place (whose name escapes me), which was quiet enough that we could hold an actual conversation. I had venison, which I'd never had before, and it was delish. Spent some time after that wandering about the room parties, which were actually kind of meh (too hot, too loud), then headed down to the Con Suite and had some terrific conversation with some Utah peeps--Eric Swedin and Chris Cook. Alas, I'd left my purse with my wallet in Howard and Sandra's room, so I was unable to indulge in an adult beverage, but this was rectified when we headed back up there so Howard could go to bed. Rum and coke for me! Just one.

I also noticed that the not!Iron Man fic had some rather glaring (to me) typos in the formatted edition, so I managed to go through it today and yesterday and fix them. Yayness. I've scribbled another whole paragraph in the KKBB/IM fic. F-bombs dropped: Three. This equals the number of f-bombs I've dropped in all my fiction ever. *sigh* Premise: Still thin.

I have a piece of paper I hang on my puter when working which says: Writer at Work. Please disturb before I beat my Muse to death. Seriously." And a bad drawing of an anteater with fangs. So far, no one's taken me up on it. Woe.

Succeeded in carrying out the 5/2/1 rule. Five hours of sleep (barely), two meals, and one shower. Go, me.