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August 9th, 2008

03:13 am
WorldCon, Day Four:

Hotel wireless: Still sucks.

Celeb watch: SM Stirling, Mike Resnick, Larry Niven.

Kaffeeklatches with Patrick Rothfuss, who is just as nice as he seems on his blog, and Mike Resnick, who let us in on a little inside stuff when it comes to the slush pile at Baen's. Apparently they have eleven slush readers, and your manuscript has to make it by at least three of them before it ends up on his desk. I've now had that happen three times. This makes me squeeful.

Hung out with Howard and Sandra Tayler a bit again today. Got some books signed by Larry Niven. Also hung out with Chris Cook for a bit and we talked writing. Yay! I may have a continuation of not!Iron Man...

How science fiction authors get published: Basic stuff. I'm not sure I learned anything.

Torture: This one, I actually did learn something, sparked by something someone said. Basically, you torture your character to get him to do something that he would never in a billion years do under ordinary circumstances.

This made me realize that, while I was torturing not!Tony in the not!Iron Man story, I was also torturing not!Pepper even though the head guy doesn't really physically touch her--because in the end, she exposes this huge secret she's been keeping to all and sundry (at least, all and sundry who are onstage and conscious at that moment) and tears every terrorist in the compound into bitty shreds. Yay for insight.

Wandered up to the Tor party after the torture panel (which was late--on schedule, but, you know, just late), but I didn't know anyone in the room and I'm shy. So I headed down to the Con Suite, set up the laptop with my little sign, and sat down to scribble.

The sign, for those of you who are curious, is on a sheet of notebook paper, and the hole in the paper hooks over my little hooky thing that closes the laptop. It says: WRITER AT WORK. PLEASE DISTURB BEFORE I BEAT MY MUSE TO DEATH. SERIOUSLY. With a (bad) drawing of Antubis in the corner.

And people actually did come up and talk to me. Which is nice, because I have a hard time just walking up to people I don't know and starting a conversation. But if someone starts a conversation with me, I'll talk their frakkin' ears off. And did. This made a change from yesterday, and may have had something to do with the fact that I made the words much easier to read from a distance. Apparently yesterday people thought it said "Do NOT disturb." And so they didn't. The sign also got quite a few giggles from across the room.

I may have been very slightly drunkfaced as well. Understand that I drink, like, once a year, and that's a year when I'm drinking heavily. I had two rum and cokes tonight. They were tasty.

I got words scribbled in the Cow and the Beanstalk fic today--over 300. YAY. I have moved my plot forward microscopically. Yay again.

5/2/1 rule...got bent slightly. 4 1/2 hours of sleep, but three meals and one shower. So, I'm all right. However, it's nearly 4am, and I have to get up early to get in line for the kaffeklatches tomorrow, so it's going to get bent again tomorrow. Yayness.

I'm skimming the flist. Sowwy. :(