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August 13th, 2008

05:14 pm
*dies and is ded*

We are home.

I have over 6000 words of not!KKBB/IM crossover.

And I realized today that I have a frakking werewolf in my story. So why the hell am I worried about how long it will take not!Tony and not!Harry to heal from their various injuries when I can use whatever the hell nanotech healing crap I want? *thumps own head* Of course...Argh. I also just realized that I didn't use anything very advanced, medically, in the "original" not!Iron Man fic...so I may have trapped myself there. Crap. Ah well. I can work around it. We're going to see my sister-in-law the inner-city ER surgeon this weekend; I'm going to pick her brain.

However, I may end up killing off not!Harmony. There's always a price for something like this. First I need to figure out what my actual plot is--right now I've got a whole lotta banter and a teeny bit of plot, and I need to beef up the plot and figure out where I'm going with it and why I need a werewolf in the first place. Right now she's just fighting it back on a regular basis, but obviously she's going to have to go fangs and fur in this thing because that's what werewolves do, right?

In other news, "Tropic Thunder" is playing with "Hancock" at the drive-in tonight. Guess where we're going? *does the Dance of Joy*

I'll have the rest of my Con Report up later today or tomorrow. I need to do another Con like that like burning.