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August 14th, 2008

11:33 am

Pygmy anteaters on Cute Overload!!! *dies*

So. We went and saw "Tropic Thunder" last night, as my Robert Downey, Jr., obsession continues apace.

I have...mixed emotions about it.

On the one hand, the fact that it left no Hollyweird trope unskewered filled me with unseemly glee. All the actors were brilliant, and Robert especially (I may be a teeny bit biased) blatantly stole every single scene he was in.

On the other hand, the language was incredibly, over-the-top, filthy. This detracted a lot from my enjoyment of the movie. Seriously, it was worse than KKBB, in which the last line is "And, to people in the Midwest, sorry we said 'f***' so much."

So...yeah. I knew it would have a shit-ton of bad language. I just didn't know it would have that much. I mean, I'm not shy myownself about using a bad word here or there *points at previous sentence*--except there are a few words that make extremely rare appearances on my LJ, and a couple that don't appear at all. And the f-bomb is one of the rare ones that make people blink when I use it. Most of the time, I think it's just sloppy writing, although I do believe there's a time and place for it.

Final verdict: I don't know, honestly. If I could get an edited version of it, I'd probably buy it. As it sits, it's not appealing enough to me to stick in the DVD collection.

However, blond!Aussie!Robert? *slobbers* Ohyesgivememoreofthatplease. It's the accent, I think. Especially blond!Aussie!Robert who is confused over who he really is. Also "I only break character after the DVD commentary" is GOLD. GOLD, I say.

09:02 pm

I love this story. There's SO MUCH GOLD HERE.

I hate this story. It's not giving me a frakking clue as to where it's going. And now it's stalled completely.

I've figured out how to implement the nanotech so it makes some sense. I'm going to make it so that it works faster on soft-tissue damage than on broken bones and such, but still accelerates the healing on those, and this is why he's made such a remarkable recovery in just two weeks in the other story. And if the place it's at doesn't want it, then I'll plug that into the actual plot before I sub it to the next place. Because I can. So, HAH.