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August 17th, 2008

03:01 pm
Back from St. Louis.

Visit with the HubbySis went very well. We ate a ridiculous amount of food, she drove us around a bit, we visited the Basilica and the zoo and met a friend of hers for dinner who used to write for lots of TV shows back in the day and now teaches at the local university. Very cool.

I found out that most of my medicine is sound in this thing and what isn't can be glossed over with my fictional nanotech with a minimum of tweaking. Yay.

I scribbled about 1600 words on the plane, to and fro, and moved my plot forward microscopically. I still need to figure out why I need a werewolf in this story, plot-wise. In fact, plot, any plot, would be a fine and shiny thing. *nods* Because no one is going to print 8000 words of snark, banter, and innuendo, no matter how funny it is.

07:58 pm
Deleted Iron Man scene!

Link here.

Oh, Tony. *cries & hearts*

Context, you say? The Dubai party was supposed to be cover and alibi for his little mission to Gulmira. Also, Dubai is closer to Afghanistan than Malibu, so this makes a little more sense. If you haven't picked up the novelization, and you liked the movie, I highly recommend it--especially if you're a writer or interested in the process of getting something from the page to the film. The novelizations are generally done from the shooting scripts, and it's really surprising to me how much of the script didn't actually make it onscreen and how much golden dialogue they pulled out of their asses. Also, how much more attention they paid to physics in the script than they did in the finished product.

Man, I can't wait for the DVD...