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August 22nd, 2008

11:18 am
Okay, I've asked myself...

"What could go wrong for my characters in this scene?"

And things have gone from "merely bad" to "catastrophic" in the blink of an eye.

Oh, not!Harry.

Seriously, now I'm asking myself "how can I dial this back?" Because this...is bad. Very very bad.

05:57 pm
*reminds self to breathe*

Scenes like this are never easy to write. I should not be this concerned for a fictional character. Especially one of mine. After all, his fate rests in my hands, and I'm (pretty sure) he's not going to die (yet).

But, wow, y'all. I kind of love this little snippet. Like, a lot. Oh, not!Harry. You poor schmuck.

And I've still got 37 words before I hit the magical 250.

09:31 pm
Hey, look! Another fic rec!

Meet Virginia, a faux Newsweek article about Pepper.


In other news, I finished the aforementioned scene wherein everything goes to shit for my characters. Now I get to deal with picking up the pieces. Starting with deciding who has actually died. Including not!Harry, who is in a bad way at the scene break.

Speaking of which, have you ever had a moment when you looked at your own writing and thought "Dude, did I really just write that? Because that's a totally brilliant turn of phrase and I can't believe it just rolled off my keyboard like that."

I had a moment like that tonight. And it feels so good.

And there's my 250 words (plus a little) for the day. Anything else is gravy.