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August 23rd, 2008

03:31 pm

I managed nearly a thousand words yesterday. Which was a fine and shiny thing.

Of course, today I decided that I should actually look and see what an exit wound would look like if a 9mm pistol was fired at fairly close range into someone's chest. Because I takes my research seriously, I does.

It shouldn't be this hard to find autopsy photos on the interwebs, y'all. *grumbles* Oh well. Apparently exit wounds vary a lot, depending on what the bullet hits on its way in and on its way out, so I can wing it. I didn't make it ridiculously huge or anything.

In other news, NBC's Olympic coverage basically fails. Hey, execs? I'd really like to know what I'm watching. A little graphic to the effect of "Gold medal round, women's indoor volleyball" would be really handy. It's nice to know when we're watching heats and qualifying as opposed to medal rounds, yanno?

Also, MOAR FAIL on the part of someone at fanficrants. The idea that Tony Stark can't be gay in a frakkin' AU is hilarious. I especially like this thread. Because I've seen rumblings about this and I'd like some of the crack that Marvel was smoking when they came up with that storyline, thanks.