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August 24th, 2008

02:01 am
I have now seen...


Is it just me, or does RDJ just blatantly steal every single scene he's in ever?

Yeah, probably just me.

However, I come bearing icons. Because I do that.

GUH. Gun and cigarette and glasses and arm and beard. Anyone who says that smoking's not sexy has never seen that man with a cigarette in his mouth. *fans self* Okay, the crappy shooting wasn't sexy, but it was funny. Points for not making him an expert the second he picked the gun up. Also, his hand is shaking, which is a nice touch, I liked that. Because didn't these dumbasses maybe think, once, that they might be painting a big ol' target on themselves? Hello?

I've done my 250 words today. I've also posted a snippet of what I did the other day here at difrancis's "Snippet Saturday" post, if anyone wants to see what I was so damb gleeful about the other day.

10:47 am

So, as someone rightfully pointed out, I kind of need an explanation of why not!Harry was able to go all Rambo on those guys and kill them with three shots in as many seconds.

And then I thought--well, duh. I haven't really established his age here, so he's got all kinds of room to be whatever I want him to be. I'm picturing late twenties, myself, mmmaaaaybe early thirties, although probably not older than thirty.

Which gives him time to be ex-Army or, hell, even be a current member of the National Guard.


And I'm now informed that there probably wouldn't be an exit wound, so adjustments should be made to this scene.

03:38 pm
On actors...

And how they can completely make or break a movie for me, as far as my desire to go see them.

Example 1: The Soloist. Not, frankly, usually my kind of movie. Even with all the critical acclaim it would no doubt get, I probably wouldn't go. Except for the fact that Robert's in it. That fact alone is enough to get my butt in a seat, even if his hair is horrible in the thing. (What? Not a fan of the super-short hair, sue me, I'm shallow.) Because it's Robert and it'll be nice to have watched and actually be rooting for a movie in Oscar contention for once.

And trust me, I've watched a couple of god-awful things with Robert in them. I get what they were trying to do with "The Singing Detective," but it just didn't work for me. "A Scanner Darkly" didn't actually get interesting until the last fifteen minutes or so. "Tropic Thunder," while not falling to the level of god-awful, had enough awful moments in it and enough bad language for three movies that length. So, yeah.

Example 2: Body of Lies. Ordinarily, this would be a no-brainer. Ridley Scott, action-adventure, spy stuff, count me in. But then I look at the cast: Russell Crowe and Leo DeCaprio. I'm not a big fan of Russ and Leo is actually an active turn-off. So I'm probably going to give this one a pass.

How about you, flist? Are there any actors that will get your butt in a seat no matter what the movie is? What about actors that you have to be dragged kicking and screaming to see?

07:10 pm
Oh, not!Harry.

He's not even onscreen right now, and I love him SO HARD. Seriously.

I've done my 250 words today. Plus a little. Current word count: Over 11,000.

Plot? Am I supposed to have one of those?