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August 25th, 2008

11:34 am
*looks around furtively*

So, I've got 16,700 words in the not!Iron Man thing. I've got about 11,500 words and counting in the not!KKBB/IM thing set in the same 'verse, and it's not even close to done yet.

And I'm womanfully refraining from using the n-word.

No, no, not that one. I wouldn't have to "womanfully refrain" from using that one, I would never ever use that one. You guys know me enough to know that.

This n-word: novel

I'm afraid if I say it too loudly, it'll run away. So, shhhh.

In other news, we had breakfast with a guy from Hillsdale College this morning. It was interesting and informative and I feel a whole lot smarter now. I'm very inclined to send Da Boy there when the time comes.

And in other other news, my body hates me and I hate it right back. So I guess we're even. A three-week cycle is not cool. *smacks uterus around* Also, I'm coming down with the cold Da Boy had last week. And I'm slightly sleep-deprived.

All this bodes ill for my characters. I have a bad tendency to take out feeling like this on them.

However, the scale is still my bitch. So there. 123.6 this morning. HAH.

03:22 pm
See? This is what happens when I even contemplate the n-word.

Any semblance of "what happens next" has completely and utterly run the hell away.

I've got nothin'. I finally just deleted a bunch of crap and did a scene break because it was boring and it felt like I was writing stuff just for filler and to have words on the page.

I'm wondering if my real villain needs to make an appearance here. Maybe I should do a scene from his POV. *ponders*

Also, something to do with lycanthropy would be good. So far I'm not seeing the need for a werewolf in this story. Gaaaaah.

08:15 pm

And again I say: HAH.

I realized this evening that I've put myself in kind of a box, vis, the not!KKBB/IM fic, in that I'm limiting myself to what I already established in the first one I wrote with not!Tony and not!Pepper. And then I realized that I don't actually have to do that. Because it's not like I've actually sold the first story (yet).

Also, as the handsome and talented kurukami pointed out, it's not like not!Tony would necessarily know everything that's going on in his own company anyway. So, I have room to bring the lycanthropy more into play than I thought I did at first glance.

I may have the glimmerings of actual PLOT here, folks.