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August 29th, 2008

10:25 am
Congratulations, Mr. McCain.

You've just secured my vote in November. Well done.

12:01 pm

I've run into this before, but it didn't drive me as crazy then as it is right now.

I watched "US Marshals" on my computer, no problem. The DVD played perfectly. No problems. Bad movie, good DVD.

I tried to play "Kiss Kiss Bang Bang" on my computer, and no go. It acts like it's trying to load it, but it never does, and when the drive finally stops acting like it's going nuts, it doesn't seem to think there's anything in the D drive.

CRAP. And they wonder why we download movies??? Is this some sort of weird copy-protection thing, or what? Why is my DVD drive fine with one movie and not another? I wanted to make a vid, dammit.

Anyone have any clues? I'm using WinXP Home, and using VLC to play movies. Is there a codec I need?


If it does this with Iron Man, I'm going to be pissed.

ETA: Problem solved, and very simply too. Many thanks to highlander_ii, who suggested something I should have thought of myself.

05:27 pm
And so it begins.

I've already seen Sarah Palin referred to as a "mediocre local politician."

Because that's a completely appropriate thing to call the governor of the largest state in the union, who kicked the asses of two men, one of whom was the incumbent Republican, to get where she is.


09:33 pm

My DVD of KKBB is working properly.

I have copied and pasted the lyrics of Daniel Powter's "Bad Day" into a WP doc.

I have storyboard that makes actual sense. I think. Maybe. It might need tweaking, but I guess I'll see when I start doing this. Putting Harmony with her Santa outfit on the "Oooh, a holiday" line seems a little random, considering what else is going on in the vid, so I'll have to see if that actually works with the flow. And now that I've remembered that she was wearing the outfit in the McArthur Park scene, it does.

I know where my Windows MediaMaker is.

I know where I can get the song from. I'm loath to actually buy it, because that'll almost mean I'm, you know, committing to doing this. I know it's less than a dollar. Shut up.

I probably need to stick the movie on my hard drive somehow. I have...no earthly idea how to do that.