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August 31st, 2008

10:44 am

I found a vidding tutorial. I've been kind of flailing around wondering what programs I should use and who I should trust to tell me, so finding an LJ user with specific recs was awesome.

I've downloaded the programs she mentioned.

My computer decided it liked my KKBB DVD again last night, so before it could change its mind, I ripped it to my hard drive. So that's done.

Now I just have to find my clips, get the song, and then organize it into some semblance of not sucking.

I should watch some vids, also, with an eye to how others do transitions and such.

I've got my next scene in mind for the not!KKBB/IM fic, as well.

Scale is no longer my bitch after that burger yesterday (seriously, all that walking at the car show, up and down hill, and I still gained 1.8 lbs?), but I'll get it under control again. It's gotten (almost) easy, now.

06:36 pm
Good day.

I have made the clips I need for my KKBB vid.

I have written my requisite 250 words in the not!KKBB/IM story.

I have more backstory for not!Harry. Poor guy. PTSD is such a bitch.

*evil laughter*

09:31 pm

You know those clips I thought I capped for my KKBB vid?

NO GO. Every last one of them was saved wrong.

All thirty-six of them.

So now I'm doing it again.