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September 2nd, 2008

10:23 am
Poor Harry...

He really is having the worst week ever.

Spoilers for the movie "Kiss Kiss Bang Bang," except the very end.

I'm delighted with how this came out.

Crossposted to robertdowney_jr and kkissbbang and kkbb_support.

And here's the direct link.

09:22 pm

I'm weak.

The scale was my bitch sorry, Da Boy says I should not use such naughty terms, my whiny little girl this morning. 123.0, HAH.

And what do I do tonight because I'm out of soda? I go to the store to buy soda...and buy ice cream as well.

It's sitting in my freezer. Taunting me. I haven't had any yet. And I shouldn't. It's way too late for me to be thinking about eating anything. Eating late = weight gain = much badness lies here.


In other news, I've been watching my KKBB vid over and over again, and *heart*ing Harry, and I watched the last half of the movie again too, and gaaaaaaaah. And commenters in the comms I posted to, and on YouTube, have been incredibly kind. I can see a couple of places in there where my editing could use some work, and I wonder if I should tinker with it some more...

Really need to write. Yeah. I just realized that not!Pepper should walk into the room along with not!Harmony, because if I'm utilizing my favorite crutch to interrupt a conversation I no longer want to engage in, then I should utilize it to the Power Of Two! Also, I just remembered a conversation I wanted the characters to have about the state of not!Tony's larder...

Especially since I'm pretty much about to hit not!Harry with a (metaphorical) brick in the face, and we need some funny first.