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September 3rd, 2008

01:20 am

Over 500 words today. Therefore, I shall consider this day a success. My plot has moved forward microscopically, not!Pepper has snarked not!Tony about the contents of his larder, and not!Harry has had doubts cast about his current recovery rate from being, you know, shot in the chest.

Also, in researching expensive coffee, I discovered that the most expensive coffee in the world goes through the digestive tract of a civet before hitting the market. People drink this stuff? *gags* The fact that there's some controversy about which end it comes out of? Doesn't make it any more appetizing. I swear, people will eat and drink anything...

So, yes. I've done some foreshadowing here. Go, me. I can retire with a clear conscience. Especially since I resisted the siren call of the ice cream.

I'm going to watch my vid one last time, though.

11:04 am
Oh, hey...

I didn't get a phone call this time, but...

Apparently the A&tS fic got an honorable mention at WotF.

This is number four. You know that simultaneous feeling of glee and frustration? Yeah, I've got that right now.


I'm doing something right. Just...not...quite...there...yet.

I have stuff I can send them for this quarter, because I've been terribly remiss in flipping rejected stories, but I want to wait to hear from the market the not!Iron Man fic is at first, because that's the one I really want to send them. Seeing as WotF is one of three good-paying markets for the thing...