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September 6th, 2008

01:06 pm
Well, isn't that interesting...

Robert Downey, Jr., apparently made an appearance at the GOP Convention.

There go any Hollyweird party invitations for him.


So...yeah. The NYT quote is starting to get a little more context now.

There seems to be some doubt about it on the IMDB RDJ board, but (last I checked) ABC was a (pretty) reliable news source...

10:34 pm
HAH. And again, I say, HAH.

This, folks, is why we meet with other writers face-to-face.

I have new villain motivation that actually makes actual sense.

I have a hero who's about to go on a murderous rampage. He may not come out of this whole, mentally, on the other side. He's already suffering from PTSD for more than one reason.

I have a timeline.

I have a surgical scene that's actually kind of pivotal and makes the injection of this stuff make more sense than it did before.

I also found out today that adrenaline and epinephrine are the same thing. That thing I said the other day about doing research for one line? Yeah, that.

I have a doctor who kind of swears like a sailor. I like him.

And, yeah, the n-word is beginning to look like more and more of a possibility here. I may finally have my Big Idea. Don't say it too loudly, though; you'll scare it away.