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September 8th, 2008

11:23 am
I am a sad, strange, little girl.

I'm still calling this character not!Harry.

Understand that the only resemblance he bears to actual!Harry anymore is the fact that RDJ plays him in my head, and he calls not!Harmony "honey." Oh, and he's turning out to be My Favorite Punching Bag ™, which, yeah (spoilers for "Kiss Kiss Bang Bang;" yes, that's my fanvid). Not!Harry is competent, somewhat brainy, and ex-Army, whereas actual!Harry is, well, none of these things.

But I've got this conceit while I'm talking about this story, and thus the terminology will stay.

If I hit my goal in writing today, I'll break 15,000 words. I managed a little over 500 yesterday, found the elusive scene break, and wrote a new villain scene.

Also, once again: Robert and Susan: Cutest couple EVER, y/y?

08:55 pm
*pokes timeline*

I need this thing to move faster than it is.

And since I'm dealing with an untested formulation of something I made up in my head...I can do that. There's no rule that says this stuff has to take a couple of days to manifest the side effects...

Or, as I point out in the narrative--this isn't a "side effect." This is the fully intended effect.

And life is about to take an unamusing turn for one of my protags. Oh, not!Harry, you poor schlub. Also, when did this story become All About You? I realize that you're the POV character in the very first scene, but you weren't supposed to take over like this...

I still need to give not!Tony something to do besides be the pissed-off CEO who has shit happening in his company that he neither approved nor authorized. I think the final showdown is going to have to be between him and his counterpart at the other company.

Also, not!Harmony should be more than the worried girlfriend. And not!Perry should be more than not!Harry's concerned employer.

This writing shit is hard, y'all. Especially doing it by the seat of my pants this way. Oh, well. This is why we have more than one draft.

I broke 15,500 words tonight. Been playing with emotional scenes. I think they're good. I guess I'll see if I still like them in the morning. And now that I've moved my timeline up a little, I can write the scene I've been wanting to write for two days now, sooner.


10:42 pm
Fall TV schedule...

When did television start getting good again?

Mondays: Chuck, Heroes, My Own Worst Enemy, Sarah Connor Chronicles
Tuesdays: House, Fringe
Wednesdays: Bones, Pushing Daisies, CSI: NY
Fridays: Numb3rs

I'll probably check out "Life on Mars" on Thursdays as well.

Not as many conflicts in there as I thought at first glance. And it looks like I'm only picking up two or three new shows so far unless my flist starts going gaga over something I MUST SEE NAOW OMG.